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3 Coolest iPhone apps

iphone is loaded with cool apps and here is a selection of the coolest apps that you can easily download on your iphone :

Dark Sky App

It uses the weather forecasting to predict when it will rain or snow. Most weather apps provide an hourly breakdown, but Dark Sky takes that even further by making weather predictions down to the minute. The app also displays a real-time radar emission to show exactly where the storm is moving, and sends a notification alert just before it’s about to rain at your location.

CamDictionary App

If you’re in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language, CamDictionary app allows you to translate between 16 languages by simply floating your device’s camera over text. CamDictionary also supports text-to-speech translating, and packs multiple Collins dictionaries so you can study Chinese, Japanese, German, Russian and more. Whether you want to be able to order at certain restaurants or simply would like to better understand a new language, CamDictionary deserves a spot on your iPhone.

Sunrise App

It uses the cloud to store important dates and events. The app pulls in different appointments from Facebook, Google and LinkedIn and combines them in one universal calendar. Scrolling through the home page gives you a seamless stream of events and birthdays aggregated from your social networks, and selecting an event will display additional information, such as a list of attendees and location.

More cool apps to come ! Stay tuned 😉

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